I still do things for Nightmare Night.
Dressing up as beautiful flower maidens, for example…
No touching though. Every rose has its thorn, after all~…
Happy Nightmare Night!

I still do things for Nightmare Night.

Dressing up as beautiful flower maidens, for example…

No touching though. Every rose has its thorn, after all~…

Happy Nightmare Night!


Hehe 6u9 I have access to the master codes, her lock isn’t broken. Shout out to Carrot Top’s Garden tumblr though! She’s a super awesome ultra friend, and the one who taught me how to draw like this. She also said I’m a pretty close likeness to her idea of Carrot’s roomie-derpy!

Dopey? But I coulda sworn you said your name was-… augh, nevermind.

No, there’ll be nothing else. Thank you for your time.

section 14 subsection C my hoof…



I have a ton of prints left over from Bronycon and the Crystal Fair, and I need to get them sold.  These designs won’t be sold at cons next year, and I can’t have them sitting around the house.  Especially with an impending move coming.  So if you missed a chance to buy one at a convention this year, or didn’t get to go and want to buy one, here’s your chance.

Prices for these are:

  • 4” x 6” Prints - $5 each, $20 for full set (+$3 for S&H)
  • 11” x 17” Prints - $10 each, $40 for all five (+$5 for S&H)

They will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis until they sell out.  If you want to know what they look like up-close, here’s a link to each:

I don’t want to sound desperate, but they have to move and move quickly.  If you want to purchase one, just send me a message here or at my deviantART account.  This sale will go on until all prints are gone.

Thank you for your time.

Boosting signal!

I… don’t think I’ll be using this setting often. Can’t seem to get expressions as good as I’d like on it.



So, it’s been a couple weeks since my last post about my new living situation and things. things are not quite as great as I’ve been hoping, mostly due to a mixture of several things.

So here’s really the long and short of it all.

  • Uncle who has worked on mechanics most of his life offered to…

Self-Reblog. Just in a tight spot, guys. Thanks for reading.

Looking back at this as a mare, I can now appreciate my father doing what he did. You have to be a certified ‘hot herp’ handler to even think about keeping a rattlesnake in your home. They are dangerous animals and are not to be trifled with.

… they ARE awfully, awfully pretty though…


Obviously I’m nowhere near as good at growing potatoes as old Rusty Tuber is. At least he was kind enough to help me make a potato casserole with the meager harvest I had.

I’d still like to try experimenting with growing something new someday though. Maybe kohlrabi…

I’ve been trying to whip up a batch of tasty little treats.

But every time, they all decline, cause they smell just like feet.

I must be missing something. Can you tell me what that’d be?

I thought this was my destiny…

Cause it’s What my Cutie-Mark is Telling Me.

Free for any BonBon to pick up

I’m glad that everything turned out okay in the end, but I still feel pretty guilty that I let myself stoop that low… if I ever run across Trixie again, I’m going to have to apologize to her, as best as I can.


So. You know that feeling of helplessness that creeps into your mind when you suddenly realize that things are changing all of a sudden and you can’t stop them? Yeah. That’s about where this pony is right about now.

I’ll be blunt. My income tax refund this year wasn’t quite as substantial as I’d…

Reblog, because this is my cousin we’re talking about. Hoping to get the word about.

And yes, I know, haven’t done an entry in a bit. I’ll be fixing that soon, I promise!